Distributed Caching in .NET: A Quick Overview

These days many businesses require processing extreme transactional and reference data during peak times, like banks processing customer transactions during holidays. However, a big challenge is to process data without hampering your application’s performance. Generally, application tiers are linearly scalable but databases are not. Hence, high transactional loads can result in database bottleneck and affect your business.

You can resolve this bottleneck by introducing an in-memory distributed cache to your .NET application for faster data access. An in-memory distributed cache spans multiple servers, but works as a single cache instance and is totally transparent to the applications which are using it. This reduces the load from backend servers & databases as any active or transient data is served from the cache.

NCache is an open source in-memory distributed cache for both .NET and Java-based applications. NCache helps you in achieving extremely fast transactional speeds and data consistency as new servers can be added to this cache cluster to meet your growing performance needs.

The following figure illustrates this architecture:

Distributed Caching in .NET

Cached data is equally distributed between all servers and is even replicated to avoid data loss and ensure high availability. This allows the distributed cache to handle hundreds of thousands of requests per second, preventing downtime during peak loads.

This distributed structure ensures no single point of failure as if even one cache server is down, data is served from the other server nodes. Hence, your business will not get affected and can easily add more servers to the distributed cache if needed.

To achieve maximum performance of distributed caches, the data best-suited data for caching is read frequently but changed occasionally. Distributed caches store the data as key-value pairs, thus making it simple to use and access.

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Using NCache as a Distributed Cache

You can easily incorporate a distributed cache in your .NET application by connecting to the cache and creating a key against your cache item which has been fetched from the database. You can then insert the item to the cache with the expiration of 30 minutes and fetch it using this connection.

Along with a dramatic performance boost to your .NET applications, distributed caches such as NCache provide multiple advanced features that make cache usage even more flexible to cater to different use cases and business needs. A few features are highlighted.

Sync Cache with Database

There might be a case where the database data (which has been cached) is changed. This raises an integrity issue rendering your cached data stale while your application is unaware of it. To solve this problem, NCache can auto-synchronize your cache with the database. Consequently, whenever any change occurs in the database for a cached record, it will be removed from the cache automatically to ensure data freshness.

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SQL/LINQ Searching

Although NCache is a key-value store and provides a very rich set of APIs for data access using keys, it also provides SQL / LINQ based searching to fetch the data from the cache, just like you do with your database. It provides ADO.NET compliant APIs like ExecuteReader, ExecuteScalar, ExecuteNonQuery to search (SELECT) and remove (DELETE) data from the cache.

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Concluding Thoughts

NCache not only provides performance and scalability but also many other useful features too. And yet, it hides its implementation related complexity to provide a straightforward way to use it. If you are looking for a .NET based distributed cache, without compromising on performance and scalability, then look no further than NCache. It is a pure .NET solution, with all the bells and whistles of modern distributed caching solutions.

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