Microsoft Ends AppFabric Support, NCache Keeps on Going!

Update: Microsoft has extended the AppFabric support to April 11th 2017. The extension is only applicable for AppFabric 1.1 and not for 1.0. For more information check out their blog post.

April 2nd 2016 (April 11th 2017) is proving to be an important date for Alachisoft’s product NCache. This is the date when Microsoft ends AppFabric support – essentially withdrawing the product from the market. See details on Microsoft AppFabric 1.1 for Windows Server Ends Support 4/2/2016

AppFabric was Microsoft’s answer to .NET industry’s need for an in-memory distributed cache to provide performance and scalability boost for .NET server applications. But, first it was late to the party with AppFabric 1.0 released in June 2010 (five years after NCache). And, second, it struggled to provide the features and functionalities considered de rigueur for in-memory distributed caches. Eventually, Microsoft decided to pull the plug on a product that essentially provided less features than other .NET caching solutions like NCache.

Read AppFabric vs NCache comparison and see for yourself how much AppFabric lacked in features and capabilities.

NCache is the most popular Open Source In-Memory Distributed Cache for .NET. It is available through GitHub or can be downloaded from our Alachisoft website. NCache is available for use either on-premises or in the Cloud (like Azure, Amazon, and others).

Interestingly, Microsoft’s proposed AppFabric replacement, Azure Redis Cache, is a cloud-based managed cache service. The on-premises version of Redis is not supported by Microsoft. And, you should also know that using Azure Redis Cache as a managed cache service means you lose all fine grained control over your cache and you are restricted to a simpler version of the client-side API.

On the other hand, NCache allows you to deploy it in Azure on a Virtual Machine as part of your infrastructure and gain full control over client-side and server-side code on an In-Memory Distributed Cache. You can also use the exact same version of NCache on-premises that you’re using in the Cloud. This way, you can start on-premises and later migrate to the Cloud without any code changes. Or, you can choose to have a hybrid of Cloud and on-premises application deployment. NCache works in all those scenarios seamlessly making it the only superior choice for Redis alternative.

On top of all this, NCache provides a lot of powerful features and capabilities than even the on-premises Redis that has more features than Azure Redis Cache. Here is a detailed Redis vs NCache comparison.

We have several hundred satisfied name-brand customers using NCache for years, including customers in over 30 countries, dozens of industries and some of the biggest ecommerce and financial institutions on the planet.

So, if you want to replace AppFabric with a 100% native .NET distributed caching solution, try NCache. We are convinced that you will be impressed with its combination of powerful features and yet very simple and easy to use interface and tools. And, rest assured that NCache will be fully supported by Alachisoft including 24×7 support and you won’t be left hanging.

Fortunately, we’ve made it really easy for you to migrate from AppFabric to NCache. We’ve implemented an AppFabric Wrapper for NCache that allows you to keep your existing application code and migrate to NCache without any code changes (except changing namespaces). This takes all the risk out of the AppFabric-to-NCache migration.

NCache is industry’s oldest and most popular distributed cache. See some details on it.

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